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Adaptive lenses

Multi-actuator adaptive lenses

Dynamic Optics provides adaptive lenses that can replace deformable mirrors in many applications in order to design compact adaptive optics systems.

Dynamic Optics multi actuator adaptive lenses can correct up to the 4th order of Zernike polynomial with a response time < 5ms.

Adaptive Lens

Measurement of Zernike polynomials realized with the AL1810.

They are ideal to realize new instruments with adaptive functionalities with complexity, size and cost compatible with market requirements.

Our adaptive lenses do not suffer from gravity-induced aberrations and can be AR coated on request.


Correction of aberrations with an adaptive lens instead of deformable mirror.

Aberration correction capabilities:

Peak to Valley (waves@633nm)
rms (waves@633nm)
Secondary Astigmatism

Focusing adaptive lenses

The AO series is a focusing module which can be mounted in front of a fixed focal length lens to rapidly change focus. The AO series allows the user to refocus the lens faster than mechanically moving the lens with traditional motorized solutions.

The built-in driver has been specifically developed to accurately control the piezoelectric elements. A demo user interface with basic control functions is available via a web browser interface. The lens can also be fully controlled with a dedicated .dll library, downloadable from the Opto EngineeringĀ® website. The library includes an autofocus algorithm and a calibration tool to help users integrate the AO module into their product or application.

Focusing adaptive lenses

Part number
Optical specifications
min (D) max (D)
Clear aperture
Scan rate
Electrical specifications
Dc voltage
Power consumption
RJ45,12-pin Hirose
Ethernet, RS232,Analog control,Digital contro,Ready
CBGPIO001, CBETH003, AO mechanical adaptors

Product Awards


Vision System Design Illustrator Award

Adaptive lens for fast focusing - AO series honored by Vision Systems Design 2018 Innovators Awards Program

Boston, MA – April 11, 2018 – On April 10,  Opto Engineering® - OPTICAL IMAGING TECHNOLOGIES was presented with a bronze-level award in the Lighting, Lenses & Optics category at the Fourth Annual Vision Systems Design Innovators Awards presentation, held during The Vision Show in Boston, MA. Their AO series - Adaptive lens for fast focusing was recognized by a panel of esteemed experts from system integrator and end-user companies.

Adaptive lens for fast focusing, AO series 

Dynamic industrial inspections need advanced technology to keep perfect focus in challenging applications .

Adjusting the focus of a camera on a robot arm or tracking items across the field of view are common examples of where active focusing is required. 

Logistics and in-line inspection need faster and faster inspection systems to achieve new productivity requirements. Fast beverage lines need to ched contaminants on different parts of bottles and cans.

A typical approach in these cases is closing the iris to obtain a wider depth of focus but this conflict with the need of fast and light-demanding applications.

An other approach can be the mechanical motorisation of traditional fixed focal lenses but the movement is slow and the development is always time consuming and expensive.

For these reason Opto Engineering® has developed its own focusing lens which allows customer to relosolve their problems of fast and precise focusing and save time and implementation costs.

The integration of the focusing lens is simple and plug-and-play since the module needs just to be placed in front of a standard fixel focal CCTV lens. The embedded electronic drive driver has been specifically developed to accurately control the piezoelectric elements. Connected the module to a power supply and to an ethernet port to start using the adaptive lens.

A demo user interface with basic control functions is available via a web browser interface. The lens can also be fully controlled with a dedicated .dll library. The library includes an autofocus algorithm and a calibration tool to help users integrate the adaptive module into their product or application.

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